Rimrock exposes a compute infrastructure such as a SLURM cluster via a simple REST interface. It simplifies the way how you can interact with such remote compute clusters.

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What Rimrock can do for you

  • Make a compute cluster remotely accessible via a REST API
  • Secure access via grid certificates
  • Independent of local scheduling system
  • Language independent

Rimrock enables management of scientific computation with the use of modern interfaces based on REST. By using REST, access to services, applications and advanced scripts deployed on the infrastructure becomes straightforward. Main advantages of the presented service include ability to use any technology and integrate solution for secure access to Computing Infrastructures.

The Rimrock service allows to use its functionalities independently of any programming language chosen to build applications on top of the computing infrastructure. It is therefore possible to create web and desktop applications as well as prepare advanced computation scripts. An interesting approach also supported by the service is the ability to develop web applications, which can be run solely in the user web browser, minimizing the role of server-side software.

Before PROCESS it has been successfully used during development of a web application in the domain of energy sector, allowing for harnessing the computing power of the PLGrid infrastructure for analysis of different scenarios of building a national power grid and their influence on the environment and human health. Currently it is a basis for multiple other Use Cases available in the scope of the PROCESS Project providing smooth integration with the required resources. All data exchanged with the Rimrock service is fully secured with an encrypted connection and for user authorization a temporary user certificate is used ensuring that long-lived credentials would not leak giving permanent access to the attacker.

Rimrock application simplifies the way how you can interact with the remote servers. It allows to execute application in a batch mode or start an interactive application, where application output can be fetched online and new input can be sent using a simple REST interface. What is more, by using a dedicated REST interface you will be able to start a new job in the infrastructure. You don't need to care about the way how to create a correct job description using JDL (Job Description Language) – just pass the command you want to execute and we will do the rest.

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  • Java
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  • Piotr Nowakowski
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