Run CWL workflows on a variety of remote compute resources.

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What xenon-flow can do for you

  • provides a REST API to run CWL workflows on remote compute clusters
  • easy to configure
  • independent of local scheduling system
  • client side solution
  • no installation required on remote compute clusters

Xenon-flow is designed to run CWL workflows on remote compute clusters. It provides a REST and web frontend which can be used to submit workflows, and a configurable backend which uses Xenon for job submission to remote clusters. Both cwl-runner and the tools invoked by cwl-runner are expected to be pre-installed on the compute cluster. For data staging into and out of the compute cluster, a simple webdav service is provided.

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  • Compute services
  • Data services
  • Service orchestration
  • Astronomy
Programming Language
  • Java
  • Apache-2.0
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  • Berend Weel
    Netherlands eScience Center
  • Joris Borgdorff
  • Niels Drost
    Netherlands eScience Center
  • Michael R. Crusoe
    Common Workflow Language
  • Jason Maassen
    Netherlands eScience Center
  • Stefan Verhoeven
    Netherlands eScience Center
  • Jurriaan H. Spaaks
    Netherlands eScience Center
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