LOBCDER micro-infrastructure: core-infra

Core infrastructure for running the LOBCDER data service

52 commits | Last update: October 29, 2020

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What LOBCDER micro-infrastructure: core-infra can do for you

  • core of LOBCDER micro-infrastructure
  • starts and manages the other LOBCDER services.

The LOBCDER micro-infrastructure consists of a large collection of core, service and adaptor modules, which can be assembled to fit the individual use case. The core infrastructure can be found in this repository and is responsible for starting and managing the use case specific services. All the components run as pods in a Kubernetes cluster.

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  • Data services
  • Service orchestration
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  • JavaScript
  • MIT
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  • Reggie Cushing
    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Onno Valkering
    Universiteit van Amsterdam
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Reggie Cushing
Universiteit van Amsterdam

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