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PROCESS Middleware

The PROCESS middleware aims at providing mature services and tools to enable extreme large scale data processing to both research and industry


What PROCESS Middleware can do for you

  • an exascale reference architecture
  • a Web-based execution environment (IEE)
  • extreme large scale data services (LOBCDER)
  • extreme large scale compute services (Rimrock)
  • service orchestration (Cloudify)
  • metadata handling (DataNet)
  • data pre and post-processing (DISPEL)
  • networking and computing infrastructure
  • pilot applications

The PROCESS project aims at providing a comprehensive set of mature, modular and generalisable open source solutions for user friendly exascale data processing. The PROCESS middleware is composed of several complementary components, each one providing unique features. A core component is LOBCDER which is the data management module modelled as a distributed virtual file system. Then, there is an access module which will secure access to allowed users via an AA service. Another important component is the virtualisation module responsible for the deployment of the applications. Once deployed, these are orchestrated automatically by high-level descriptions. Finally, there is also a computing management module responsible for the management of the computing resources.

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Programming Language
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Apache-2.0
Source code

Participating organizations


  • Piotr Nowakowski
  • Jan Meizner
    Academic Computer Centre of the University of Science and Technology AGH, Kraków, Cyfronet AGH (CYF)
  • Reggie Cushing
    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Onno Valkering
    Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Viet Tran
  • Ondrej Habala