Process Wrapper API

The purpose of the PROCESS wrapper API is to provide a generic REST interface to submit SLURM jobs to a remote machine.

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What Process Wrapper API can do for you

  • simple REST API
  • act as intermediary between job submission systems
  • simple setup
  • portable python implementation

The purpose of the Process Wrapper API (PAPI) is to provide a generic submit/status REST/JWT interface to submit slurm jobs on a remote machine. PAPI offers two commands via it REST API: submit and status. These commands are forwarded to the SLURM scheduler via user-defined ssh commands. For this the API uses the paramiko python module. The submit command is expected to return an sbatch output with the slurm id of the job and the machine running the job.

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  • Agro Copernicus
Programming Language
  • Python
  • MIT
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  • Jan Schmidt
    Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
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Jan Schmidt
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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