Mini-process combines several services from PROCESS into one VM for testing and demo purposes. These include LOBCDER for data management, a data node and virtual slurm cluster.

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What mini-process can do for you

  • the PROCESS service stack in a single VM
  • easy to setup and deploy
  • useful for demo and testing
  • includes a virtual SLURM cluster and data storage node

Mini-PROCESS provides and installation of most PROCESS services withing a single VM. This VM can be used for testing and demo purposes. Within the VM, an installation of the IEE Web Portal and the LOBCDER data services are provided, as well as a 3 node virtual SLURM cluster and virtual data storage node. This combination provides the functionality to run simple demo workflows which transfer data using LOBCDER and submit compute jobs to the SLURM cluster. Support for cloud infrastructure is not provided in this release.

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  • Service orchestration
  • Workflow technologies
  • Data services
Programming Language
  • Shell scripts
  • MIT
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  • Reggie Cushing
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